How To Clean Car Dashboard – 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever seen how, even how spotless the exterior may be, a dirty dashboard may ruin the aesthetic of your car as a whole? The interior of your car needs to be as clean as the outside when it comes to hygiene. You can easily clean the dashboard of your car, so don’t worry. Your drab and neglected dashboard can be easily brought back to life with a few straightforward procedures and conveniently accessible cleaning supplies. So gather your cleaning materials, turn on some tunes, and get ready for a remarkable shift!

How To Clean Car Dashboard At Home

Use this 5-step guide to clean a car dashboard to restore the showroom shine and make every drive seem sumptuous. 

Step 1: Removing loose dirt and debris

The first element to do at the same time as cleansing the dashboard of your vehicle is to take away any unfastened dirt or particles that could have gathered over time. Be cautious not to scratch or damage the dashboard as you carefully put off the floor with a gentle brush or microfiber material. Be careful of any dust that is probably hidden in cracks and tough-to-reach places. To get rid of any cussed regions, you might use a tiny suction nozzle or compressed air.

Step 2: Choosing the right cleaning solution

To effectively clean your dashboard, you’ll need a cleaning agent designed exclusively for use in automobiles. It is best to avoid using household cleaners because they could contain components that damage the dashboard’s material.

One popular technique is to combine warm water with a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle. Simply spritz the cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth or sponge, then delicately wipe the dashboard throughout. Use a cleaner designed specifically for these materials to avoid drying out leather or vinyl dashboards.

Step 3: Applying the cleaning solution to the dashboard

To practice it, spritz a bit of the cleansing solution onto a dry microfiber fabric. Spraying directly onto the dashboard must be averted considering that it is able to cause harm from an excessive amount of moisture. Gently wipe the dashboard down, taking special care to cognizance of any in particular dirty or sticky regions. Using the ideal cleaning answer now is not the handiest facilitates cast off dirt and dust however additionally adds shine and revitalizes the inside surfaces of your vehicle. 

Step 4: Scrubbing and wiping down the dashboard

You’ll need a mild cleansing answer, a smooth sponge or towel, and some human labor for this step. The sponge or fabric needs to first be saturated with the cleansing answer. Water must be used carefully because too much of it is able to harm electrical components. Use gentle circular strokes to clean the dashboard’s surface, paying special attention to any stubborn stains or sticky buildup that may be difficult to remove. With this, any filth or oil that has gathered over the years will assist dissolve.

Step 5: Finishing touches and optional treatments

Applying a certain dashboard polish or protectant will enhance the material’s look and shield it from UV rays and fading.

Consider using a UV-resistant window shade to further protect the dashboard when parking your car in the sun. Don’t forget the little things; use canned air or cotton swabs to clean air vents, use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum to remove dust from tight spaces, and make sure all compartments are clean and organized.

Why Should You Clean Car Interior Dashboard

1. Improved Aesthetics: 

Increasing the interior dashboard of your car’s appeal is one of the main reasons to make it easier to use. You can restore your dashboard’s distinctive shine and give the interior of your car a clean, inviting look by cleaning it on a regular basis.

2. Increased Security:

Maintaining a clean dashboard is essential for both aesthetic and driver safety reasons. Over time, dust from the dashboard may accumulate and end up on the windshield or other glass, preventing you from seeing well while driving. The buildup of dirt can cause controls and buttons to become inoperable or less responsive.

3. Preventive Maintenance: 

If you don’t clean the dashboard of your car, it could become permanently damaged and cost more money to repair or replace. Dust particles usually contain tiny abrasive components, which when repeatedly brushed against surfaces over time, can generate minute scratches on those surfaces. These scuffs could, in severe cases, turn into deep grooves that are difficult to remove.

Why Should You Polish The Interior Dashboard?

  • You can polish your internal dashboard to dispose of dirt, dirt, and fingerprints that have amassed over time. This maintains the automobile looking easy and promotes healthier surroundings by minimizing the boom of organisms and allergies interior.
  • During the polishing system, minor scratches or scuffs on the dashboard’s floor are removed. By doing this, you may restore the gloss and vibrancy of your dashboard to its former kingdom, making it look logo-new.
  • One of the first matters shoppers or alternate-ins search for in an automobile is a smooth internal. By routinely polishing your interior dashboard, you may boost its resale price even while keeping its preferred condition. Remember that the usage of abrasive products or wrong polishing strategies might harm sensitive surfaces. 
  • Use professional cleansing products and microfiber towels designed for automobile interiors to get exceptional consequences while warding off material harm. Regularly polish uncovered vinyl or plastic parts, such as the knobs and buttons at the dashboard. As a result, they’re included in wear and tear and extended sun publicity.


Cleaning the dashboard on a regular basis will keep your automobile looking presentable and tidy. You can effectively clean your dashboard of dirt, sludge, and stains and restore its original, shiny look by following these easy steps. In addition to improving your car’s interior design, routine dashboard cleaning will extend its life by reducing damage caused by dirt accumulation. so why not right now? Cleaning the dashboard of your car in a matter of minutes every day will make driving seem new and shiny.

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1. What to use to clean car dashboard?

Use a vacuum cleaner with a tender brush attachment to remove loose dust and crumbs. Use a microfiber fabric dampened with heated water and a slight dish soap. Wring the fabric thoroughly to avoid soaking the dashboard. Wipe the floor lightly in circular motions, then buff dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

2. Can I use WD-40 to clean car dashboard?

No, you must now not use WD-40 to smooth your vehicle dashboard. WD-40 is a lubricant and water displacer, and it could harm the sensitive end of your dashboard.

3. Can we clean car dashboard with Colin?

It’s now not endorsed to use Colin (or any glass cleaner) for your automobile dashboard. While Colin may remove some dust, it frequently contains alcohol and ammonia, that may dry out and crack the plastic material of your dashboard over time.

4. Can you steam clean car dashboard?

Steam cleansing is usually no longer endorsed for car dashboards. The excessive heat and moisture from a steam purifier can damage the sensitive plastic and electronics of your dashboard. 

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