How To Steam Clean Car Interior

Are you sick and weary of being behind the wheel of an old car? Use steam cleaning to eliminate odors and difficult-to-remove stains! This post will walk you through the exact steps of steam cleaning the interior of your car and share the best ways to get a flawless finish without using harsh chemicals or paying a lot of money for professional detailing. Whether you’re an enthusiast for cars searching for a new do-it-yourself project or you just want to get that new car feeling back, this in-depth guide will give you how to steam clean car interior-the skills and assurance you need to take on even the most difficult messes inside your car.

Can I steam clean the car interior?

Yes, the interior of your car can be steam cleaned. It is not only a powerful way to get rid of stubborn stains and smells, but it also eliminates allergies and bacteria without using harsh chemicals.

The high temperature of the steam makes it an excellent option for keeping the interior of your automobile clean and hygienic while also dissolving dirt and grime and sanitizing surfaces.

The ability to use steam cleaning on carpets, upholstery, floor mats, also clean leather seats without inflicting damage is a major advantage. You can attain deep cleaning results with steam cleaning that may be difficult to match with conventional methods. How to steam clean car interior

Steam clean car interior-step-by-step

How to steam clean car interiors effectively? Read this step-by-step guide!

1. Removing Accessories and Mats

  • Steam cleaning your car’s interior starts with removing all attachments and floor mats.
  • Examples of this include floor mats, seat covers, and any other detachable items that may be impeding your ability to reach the places that require cleaning.
  • Going above and above will ensure that every nook and cranny of your car’s inside is thoroughly cleaned, which will improve the effectiveness of the steam cleaning process.

2. Vacuuming the Carpet and Upholstery

  • Vacuuming the carpets and upholstery in your automobile properly is the first step towards steam cleaning its interior.
  • Make use of a powerful vacuum cleaner that has attachments made especially to fit into small areas.
  • Keep a watchful eye out for places where dirt and debris like to collect, like under the seats and around seat belt buckles.
  • You can increase the effectiveness of steam cleaning by using a vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris in addition to stains and grime.

3. Preparing Your Car Steam Cleaner

  • It’s time to get the steam cleaner ready for use after removing all of the attachments and matting.
  • As directed by the manufacturer, fill the water tank to the brim so the machine is set for maximum efficiency.
  • If at all feasible, use distilled water to avoid mineral accumulation inside the machine and to extend the life of your equipment.

4. Cleaning the Interior Surfaces

  • Start by cleaning the carpets, floor mats, and car roof interior using the steam cleaner.
  • Without leaving any chemical residue behind, the intense heat and pressure assist in dissolving and lifting away smells and dirt particles.
  • For optimal effectiveness, move the steam nozzle slowly in overlapping passes. This will provide even covering.
  • For difficult areas like cup holders or the spaces between chairs, use a stronger steam setting in conjunction, also clean the car dashboard with a microfiber cloth or brush attachment.
  • Because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals that could be damaging to health, this procedure is not only ecologically friendly but also thoroughly cleans and refreshes the interior.

5. Drying and Reassembling 

  • Once the interior parts are completely dry, replace any removed pieces, such as the floor mats, console compartments, and seat covers.
  • Use this chance to look over these things for any wear or damage that could need to be repaired.
  • Make sure all the parts are firmly reinstalled, taking extra care to ensure that any electrical components are connected correctly.

Benefits of steam cleaning car interior

  • Steam cleaning creates a better atmosphere for the driver and passengers by efficiently eliminating bacteria and germs that might build up in an automobile’s interior.
  • It is less harmful to the environment than conventional cleaning techniques because it just requires heat and water, eliminating the need for chemical-based cleansers.
  • Steam cleaning is a very efficient way to get rid of stubborn stains and smells from carpets and upholstery, leaving the interior of your car feeling and looking like new.
  • Steam cleaning removes dirt and grime from fabric fibers that may have been overlooked by conventional wiping or vacuuming techniques.
  • It also benefits people with allergies or sensitivity to air pollutants by lowering allergens like dust mites and pet dander. Steam also helps to preserve the quality of materials by preventing damage caused by harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing during traditional cleaning processes. 
  • Steam’s high temperature makes it capable of breaking down grease and oil residues found in car interiors more effectively than conventional cleaning methods. 
  • All things considered, steam cleaning not only makes a car’s inside seem better, but it also supports sustainability and a healthier environment.

Tips to Steam Clean Your Car’s Interior

1. Start with the correct tools: Purchasing a premium steam cleaner made especially for use in cars can make all the difference in attaining expert results. Select a model that can be attached to various parts of the inside of your car.

2. Start by addressing problem areas: Pay special attention to extremely filthy areas including upholstery, floor mats, and nooks and crannies. Before utilizing the steam cleaner, pretreating these areas with the proper cleaner can help to remove dirt and grime.

3. Make use of steam’s power: Steam not only sanitizes surfaces by eliminating bacteria and germs without the use of harsh chemicals, but it also helps remove tenacious stains and grime.

4. Pay attention to the little things: Door knobs, dashboard cracks, and cup holders are examples of places that are frequently disregarded. The general level of interior cleanliness in your car can be greatly affected by these small elements.

5. Adequately ventilate your automobile after steam cleaning: To avoid residual moisture that can cause mold or mildew, leave windows open or use fans to let your car air out after steam cleaning.

6. Think about getting expert assistance: Although steam cleaning your car yourself can work, there are situations where taking it to a professional detailer for a thorough cleaning is worthwhile, especially for stubborn stains and strong odors.

Cost of steam cleaning car interior

The cost of steam cleaning an automobile’s interior can differ based on a number of variables, including the vehicle’s size, the level of cleaning needed, and the service provider’s location. Small to medium-sized cars may typically get a basic steam cleaning for $50 to $100, but larger cars or ones that require more thorough cleaning may end up costing $150 or more. It’s important to remember that steam cleaning has long-term advantages despite appearing like an extra expense.


The interior of your car can be cleaned and sanitized effectively and efficiently using steam cleaning. It makes your automobile a healthier place to be by getting rid of bacteria and allergies in addition to filth, grime, and stains. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals to maintain a spotless interior if you have the proper tools and methods. You can increase the longevity of your upholstery and maintain the appearance and scent of your car by adding steam cleaning to your monthly auto maintenance regimen. Why then wait? Try steam cleaning and see the difference it can make in bringing new life to the interior of your automobile right now!


1. Can I use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean my car interior?

No, you should use a steam cleaner specifically designed for car interiors.

2. Will steam cleaning damage my car’s upholstery?

No, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate settings.

3. How often should I steam clean my car interior?

It depends on usage, but generally every 3-6 months is recommended.

4. Is it safe to steam clean leather seats?

Yes, just be sure to use a lower heat setting and not apply too much pressure.

5. Can I remove pet odors from my car interior with a steam cleaner?

 Yes, a steam cleaner can effectively remove pet odors from car interiors.

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